Wednesday, October 9, 2013

hello stranger

Wow it has been quite a while. Been going through a lot lately and have failed to find time to come back to this. After having a crap-tastic day I wanted some humor. Revisiting some old pages made me laugh, good stuff (not to toot my own horn). However, I want to remain a little more bloggy and little less diary on here, so back to a story about work...

It all started long, long ago, in a distant store...well not really. It has been the past few weeks and sadly I can see the place from my patio door. :( So depressing to live so close to work, but moving on. We have a frequent visitor to the store these days, won't name any names, we'll just call him "Bottles". So anyway, Bottles visits several times a day bringing, you guessed it, bottles to the service desk. Now when machines are down this is no big deal, we count them and make out a slip. The machines are in fact working however he picks these things out of trash cans and who knows where, they are covered in god knows what and mostly are crushed. Oh, not to mention our store doesn't sell them so we cannot take them back for deposit. We didn't sell a deposit, we don't pay a deposit, simple enough.

As inconvenient as this is, for some reason he will chose me over anybody else to count and sort them. Why? Because everybody is too picky and won't give him money for something somebody else purchased and not from where I work. Yet, I deny the ones we can't take like anybody else and usual get cussed at within 5 minutes of talking to Bottles. Why does he chose me if he wants to bitch about me while doing so? Pick anybody else to deny ya buddy, they have no problem telling ya no just like me. This wasn't very funny now was it...hmm...sucky. I was hoping for a fun work post, then again work isn't all humor. Ta ta for now!