Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nothing is the same...

A lot has changed in the time since I wrote last. I have a new job working at the local newspaper, I own my home (even if it maqy be crappy), and I have been with Joe now for 3 years. I would say things are going great, but I still have my panic attacks. I had a heck of a time trying to log into this site just to write a new post. Maybe that's why I avoided it for so long. What a pain! I don't have much to post so this is it for now. I will think of something later to type...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

hello stranger

Wow it has been quite a while. Been going through a lot lately and have failed to find time to come back to this. After having a crap-tastic day I wanted some humor. Revisiting some old pages made me laugh, good stuff (not to toot my own horn). However, I want to remain a little more bloggy and little less diary on here, so back to a story about work...

It all started long, long ago, in a distant store...well not really. It has been the past few weeks and sadly I can see the place from my patio door. :( So depressing to live so close to work, but moving on. We have a frequent visitor to the store these days, won't name any names, we'll just call him "Bottles". So anyway, Bottles visits several times a day bringing, you guessed it, bottles to the service desk. Now when machines are down this is no big deal, we count them and make out a slip. The machines are in fact working however he picks these things out of trash cans and who knows where, they are covered in god knows what and mostly are crushed. Oh, not to mention our store doesn't sell them so we cannot take them back for deposit. We didn't sell a deposit, we don't pay a deposit, simple enough.

As inconvenient as this is, for some reason he will chose me over anybody else to count and sort them. Why? Because everybody is too picky and won't give him money for something somebody else purchased and not from where I work. Yet, I deny the ones we can't take like anybody else and usual get cussed at within 5 minutes of talking to Bottles. Why does he chose me if he wants to bitch about me while doing so? Pick anybody else to deny ya buddy, they have no problem telling ya no just like me. This wasn't very funny now was it...hmm...sucky. I was hoping for a fun work post, then again work isn't all humor. Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

hell hath no fury...

Well here comes a bitch fest on my blog. I'm sorry, but I need to vent. So keep in mind there will be swearing and most likely non sense to follow. Hey it's my blog and I can use it how I see fit!

I know the past is the past. Things should be forgotten, people move on, and mostly you can't change it one dam bit. Sometimes though it doesn't stop it from hurting the present. I want my opinions, my thoughts, my feelings to account for something. All I can think is that this is karma or some payback by way of the world for what I have done. What things am I being punished for? Who can really say, but there are a few occasions I don't like to own up to what I've done. That is how I will justify this...I deserve to feel this way.

I deserve to have my feelings considered as second. I deserve to be heart broken at times only to have to hide it. I deserve to feel the same sadness fall over me just to sit in silence. No one should hear my cries or pleas. I should just accept my fate. So let this be my last...letting it all out to be never heard again.

They flirt with you, they smile at you, and you say you never know. You've been with this and been with that, but I shouldn't worry. It's fine if they act this way, after all they are your friends, I'm just your girlfriend. I should play nice and be polite, even if I feel uncomfortable.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As soon as I got to work I was assigned a task I'd rather not have to repeat. Being that I've done this several times before however, I'll assume it will keep getting 'offered' to me. I had to go into the lobbies and tape down mats so nobody trips over them. It doesn't usually take too long, but the trick is not time management. The thing to worry about are the customers who run you over. I figured I solved this problem by closing down the doors only one side of the lobby at a time. Here's how that went...

I flipped the power to off on the enter side first, but I made sure to put a caution cone right smack in the middle of the door on both sides. This would warn people I am working here and that the doors were not open on this particular side. This soon created confusion when customer after customer would walk up to the door and just stop as they waited for it to open. A few would stand there a minute or two. Others would walk face first into the doors and bounce off, I rather did enjoy those moments. Some customers would tap or knock on the door as if to tell me something was wrong with it as I was working right in front of it. This clearly wasn't working and reminded me of how when a fly gets trapped inside, you must offer it a very obvious way out.

I went to the opposite side of the lobby, flipped the switch to manual open and cut the power. Now it would stay open for all to see. This door I was working on had caution cones and was closed. The other side was wide open with no signs in sight. This was working...until I switched to the exit side door.

Now I had already reversed things. The entrance doors were now wide open and the exit door closed. People were just walking around the cones (and me kneeling on the floor) and stood at the closed doors trying to get out. I thought maybe this wasn't obvious enough. So I pulled the remaining mats to be laid down and threw them down in front of the doors. Customers started walking around the cones and jumping the mats to get out, only to find a locked door. I needed to up my game a bit.

I barricaded the exit side with carts. Lined them all up, had rolled mats laying down, had caution cones, and I was kneeling in front of the door taping these suckers down. I wanted to face palm myself into a coma when I saw customers push their carts through the carts and complain how all this crap was in the way. One lady made it all the way to the door and seeing that it wasn't opening, just shoved her cart through popping both doors out.

I fixed the doors and laid down some tape fast, and crapily I may add, just to get the hell outta there. Job was done, I stood up and brushed the dirt off my pants. Timely as ever, someone comes out and tells me to do the other lobby as well. Folks...today was some kind of special I tell you what.

Friday, February 22, 2013

oh no you didn't

I've been playing some music while I write tonight and this song comes on "oh no you didn't" by Wojahn Brothers. Very catchy tune and also a theme song to a game, but anyway, it made me think of times I have uttered that phrase at work. Here's a few examples:

1. Throw stuff on the belt then tell me you have no money
             *oh no you didn't*
2. Tell me to bag faster, then say I'm not bagging neat enough
             *oh no you didn't*
3. Tell me you want less bags and yet insist I double/triple bag everything
             *oh no you didn't*
4. Argue with your friends over who pays
             *oh no you didn't*
5. Tell me you'll come back later to talk to someone else because I denied you
             *oh no you didn't*
6. Hand me money, come up short, then argue that I did it somehow
             *oh no you didn't*
7. Tell me to cash your check, refuse to enter social security number
             *oh no you didn't*
8. Yelling for management the second I tell you something is a no-go
             *oh no you didn't*
9. Kid is about to fall out of cart, ask them to have their kid sit back down...tells me to mind my own business
             *oh no you didn't*
10. Ask if I want a full body massage -_-
             *oh no you didn't* (or more like "WTF")

I'd do anything...but I won't do that

Now I hear all the time about how the lines are so long at the store. People always bark at us to open more registers. Look people, I’m a cashier. Does it say "manager" anywhere on my badge? No? Well then guess what, I have no power what so ever. I scan your items and pack them in a bag. You hand me money. That is the extent of my capabilities. Well I am capable of doing more, lets not sell us cashiers short. This is the extent of what we are ALLOWED to do. Anyway, considering how I was red lining while I saw people waiting in lines a few registers away, I tried to flag some people in. Suddenly I hear a supervisor being called over to a woman, she wants to know why there are not more lanes open and tells her that she should just hop on to serve her. That’s not how it works lady, wait in line like everyone else. Better yet, I am doing absolutely nothing so go through MY EMPTY lane.

I wave her down and say I have no waiting. What does she do? “I am NOT walking all the way over there. I have things to do and I am not wasting anymore time in these ridiculous lines. I should not have to walk down there to a different register”. So let me get this straight, you want more registers, but they have to all be shoved in one corner so you don’t have to walk a few yards away? So everybody else on the other side of the store must walk even farther to the one side being serviced? I was in the middle. It was fair to everyone. This bitch was just lazy. Fuck you lady, lines are open, you just wanna be special. Sure enough the supervisor jumped on a register and helped her -_- Don’t bitch about lines just because you don’t want to walk down to an open one.

~*it's magic*~

Nothing I love more than customers who think they are outsmarting the system. Oh yes plenty try and fail miserably, yet it is amusing enough to banter. My favorite is when they bring something in and I tell them the item is past its return date. We give you people 90 days on most merchandise...this should be sufficient enough to decide whether or not you want to keep that dam $25 blender. Anyway, they usually have the sad puppy look like, "aw really?? <sniffles>" and management comes up and overrides it for them. This works and if you're polite about it I don't always mind this. Now...when you ask me, "What if I never showed you the receipt? How would you know?." Correct, I wouldn't know, but you did just show it to me. So next it's, "What if I just rip this up? No receipt, so then what? Ha!" Except I just read the date and handed it back to you, go ahead and rip it up. "So I can just come back later without the receipt and get my money when you're not here!" Well see I inform people you plan on doing this, I write it in the communication log, and then I leave a note posted right at the desk. Not to mention depending on item and policy...you may not even see cash back, could be store credit. So try as you may, you're not getting cash from me or anybody else at this desk. Yet these people are still focused on hiding the dam receipt. Like it's a magic trick I'm suppose to be shocked with...and it disappears..."ooooooo". Better luck next time chump. Keep the receipt, watch the date, and make up your mind on products sometime sooner than 3 months later.