Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grady Presents: Real Customers of Genius

                                                   ^Play the adds that touch :)

Today we salute you Miss 'yell as loud as you can'. <Miss yell as loud as you can>

No simply bringing the problem to our attention is far too easy. From the next aisle over, from several departments away, across the other side of the store; you make sure you are heard loud and proud. <That's right a**holes>

It doesn't matter if there is someone on the way to assist, you yell even louder just in case you didn't disturb every single person within earshot. Apparently you should be running the store with real helpful tips like: this should be done sooner and we should schedule more people, <Scream so all can hear>, we don't know what we're doing, we must be stupid, you're all lazy. Not just motivational tips such as those, but screaming rants to make us want to work harder for you. <Reverse psychology>

So here's to you customer of cussing...because while things need to get done, thanks to you we get the entertainment of you making an ass out of yourself in public. <I want to see a manager>

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I brake for students... not really. In fact I tend to hit the gas a little. These are COLLEGE students by the way. Don't picture me running down little preschoolers or something...sheesh you people are morbid.

Back to my point, these kids tend to dart out anywhere they want assuming you can and will stop for them. I've seen plenty of close calls and heard of even more. In fact a while back a student was killed when he stepped out in front of a car in the middle of the night. So what does the town do? They install more lighting, redo the sidewalks, repaint crosswalks, add more crosswalks, and even installs a light the students can control to stop traffic if they need to cross. I imagine this cost more than a couple hundred bucks. It had to be done though right, for student safety?

Now what do I still see? They cross wherever they want and whenever. Even when the light says don't cross, they still do. Even if its not a crosswalk they decide to run across 4 lanes of traffic. The worst is the fact I have to stop at a light so awkwardky placed I wanna kick the guy whoever suggested it there. I hope they do get hit when they pull this crap. It'll save their parents a ton of they were gonna graduate anyway (not the brightest cookies).

It's my register I'll cry if I want to (wrote yesterday)

Today I saw almost every type of customer in one shift. I started taking mental notes and before long I was writing actual notes as they came through. What might have been an annoyance became an unrelenting parade of agony. For the love of all that is holy people, don't gang up on me like that. Assign each other days to come in so I know when to avoid you or at least give me a break for sanity. Where do I start...

A friendly enough elderly couple came up to my lane. They had the usual hard candies, laxatives, prescriptions, and ya know what old people buy. Then I see it...KY. For some reason if it's just plain old KY I can dismiss it in my mind. These people had scented, warming, and even flavored. Oh dear lord the thoughts that went through my head (I hate being a visual person). I can't imagine how I looked while my mind was fighting to gain control again. I probably had the look of having an ice cube thrown down the back of my shirt with a little less squirming. After shock of course comes curiosity. Huh...wonder what that's like anyway...oh god why do I wonder...BAH!!!

I had one woman who was two of my least favorite customers. She had way too many items to be going through express. Count to twenty with me people, most 3 year olds can do this even. She was also eating food before paying. Now I understand if you have sugar issues or even if you just open a box of crackers. When it comes to some fruits we need to weigh it. Now a half eaten bag of grapes and a banana peel won't cost near as much as when they are whole. You're not starving, had no medical condition, and had other choices. I consider it stealing...get the hell outta my lane!!!

Now nobody likes to wait for a supervisor to come over, we know. I informed the girl I needed a csm to override and sorry for the wait. The next woman in line lets out a grunt. I look back to see her huffing and puffing. Alright, I'm ready for it, let me have it. "I guess we'll miss your band play, we're gonna be late for sure." I saw the csm, she was only two lanes down and almost done. I said she is right there and is heading over. The beast speaks again, "it's not my fault this store only has two express open in the middle of the day. This is ridiculous." Not leaving soon enough was your fault. In fact it was the shortest wait I ever had yet this woman was outraged. Manage your time better...enough said!!!

I'll continue this another time. I've got more ranting to do...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm in this weird state of "I don't know what I am even thinking in my own mind let alone know what to do" about things going on. One minute happy, the next devastated. Trusting and loyal at times, then completely shut down and paranoid. I always run to something I feel is sturdy, stable, my rock I can 'hold' on to. I find it in many sources and different ways. As I lose one I will gain another or at least I hope. 

I have been clinging to a couple very much lately. One I know now that I lost for good and therefore have been relying heavily on another. I haven't been able to 'access' it though and the more time that passes the more obsessed I get. When I finally do get the chance of course I am over joyed. Then...something perspective is I don't know if it's my rock...I don't know what I have anymore. One little thought, comment, action sends me spiraling into a world of doubt.

Enjoy what we do have in this life. Throw caution and doubt to the winds to just be free for once. I can't say I am deeply hurt, maybe just slightly wounded. It stung a bit, but I can move past it. So again I sit here wondering, "what am I doing..."

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tearing away

Music truly impacts my mood. Some never read deep into lyrics, but I always do. I might have been a little down today but after listening to drowning pool I'm about ready to go balistic. Now if I got some feel good happy stuff going I'm sure I'd see the better part of my day more. In fact let me go change it...

Well I'm not sure how this is much of a mood booster, but it calms me. Raindrops keep falling on my head by B J Thomas. This song has been stuck in my head for days now. Its really a good way to look at the shit that has you down. Complaining won't stop your problems and if there is nothing you can do about it why worry. Letting it go will 'set you free and alot let stress to deal with.

I forgot to post customer #4 yesterday. A parent of someone I knew long ago, she asked how I have been. Then asks if I had any kids, peered over at my stomach and said oh yes at least one. Thanks for noticing the weight I never lost from having a child...fuck off :-)
This song has already mellowed me out only after playing it once now and going for round two...I'll be OK...someday and somehow I'll be just fine.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Never stop the rain by complainin'

Today was simply way too long and absurdly annoying at work. From the stinkies to the uncontrolled children, it seemed the day would just be the usual. Then up walk customer of the day #1... She wants to buy a black shirt and a black over shirt. They look almost identical to the ones she already has on, maybe she really likes them. As I am ringing them up she asks me to rip the tags off because she plans to wear them right away. As I do so she unbuttons her over shirt and I see it is soaking wet with some stains. I told her I was sorry she must have spilled something on herself and that I could get her some paper towel. She then tells me, ''no I just threw up all over myself. Quite a mess really. I was even in front of a few people when it happened. I know what it was though...''. She then goes on to describe in detail some bad food she ate and how her stomach was not the only thing unable to be kept under control. Oh god the visual images...dam this vivid mind of mine.

Customer #2 comes driving on up on a scooter, very overweight mind you. She has what I expected; cupcakes, Twinkies, chips, and enough pop to fill a tank at sea world. She can't even wait for me to get done to start tearing into a snack and downing a 20oz. She has 3 kids with her (I wonder how she managed to get laid that many times, I will never understand, moving on) and they ask for a pop. The mother grunts no. They ask to split a candy bar. *grunt no*. They ask for a pack of gum *snort* no I told you*. They are all thin and I mean toss them a hotdog for christ sake thin. Must get it from the dad...but anyway. I just wanted to smack the hell out of this woman. Feed your kids you nasty slob! 

Now #3 is a common customer we deal with. Mr I know this is an express and I am way over, too bad. Normally I would just ring it up anyway and just smile. This guy made it difficult. He was rude and arrogant, for some reason didn't think the rules applied to him. He was just yakking away on his bluetooth, until he looked up long enough to get a look at me. I would pay good money to see a picture of my face at that moment. I was tired and more than annoyed, this guy was getting the short end of the stick. He ended the call and stared at me the rest of the order (all 82 items of it). Ending the order he asked how I could be in such a good sir you alone give me good enough reason. I shrugged it off as being over get the hell outta my line. I'm tired, stressed, and needing some chocolate. 

Yes I am complaining. It is a good vent and this is my blog anyway, I'll do what I want LOL. As much as I complain about work it always gives me stories to share with friends and family. You haven't seen it all until you've worked at this store and even now & then I may get surprised :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Good distraction can leave us free of pain, while bad distraction gets us a mouth full of whiz. I love this quote and sadly it comes from a movie called Love Guru. Stupidly funny movie that I absolutely love!!! The whole movie is a joke right after another, yet the sayings they come up with make perfect sense. Even though most of the time they quickly follow it with a sexual pun. I bring this up because I try to live by that one quote.

Good distraction: hanging with friends, finding a new hobby, or doing something we love.
Bad distraction: trying to cover the problem, abusing substance to avoid it, or worrying about even more problems.

At first I did not know the difference between good and bad distraction. I thought it was simply whatever it took to stop dwelling on the current issue. I wondered why the situation would get worse when I just wanted to drink it away or sit alone for days on end shutting out the world. I did alot worse and it was clearly all BAD distraction.

Now that I am seeing the difference between the two I feel I am making progress. Today was alot of GOOD distraction for me. Very much needed and so much of a relief. I decided to spoil myself today :-)  freezer full of icecream and a new tablet to play with. Today might have started moody but has ended on a better note.

Monday, February 13, 2012

pick and choose

I was thinking in my crazy mood swings I tend to write do I say a very bitchy/dramatic/whiny tone. Later on I read back and I do not care for it at all. Usually I would just go back and delete it, poof never happened. But it really is a part of I'm thinking I will keep them around. Just ignore them. I'll calm down in a day or two.

Speaking of which I dumped my boyfriend because I still had feelings for the (soon to be ex) husband only for him to tell me he wasn't interested in working on the marriage anymore. So I am alone...back to square one. Of course I am really upset right now...too upset to even rant and rave. I'm not sure what to do now...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

may sound harsh, that's life

I don't ever say someone deserves the shit that happens to them. I have had bad shit happen to me. You learn from it or it will happen again. After that point it is YOUR fault. Get your shit together! The world isn't sunshine and rainbows. Never has been, never will be, sooner you realize this the sooner you can avoid horrendous things. I have been taken advantage of when I was under the influence and learned from that situation. However I was also assaulted when I was perfectly sober. Nobody is exempt from this shit. It can happen to anyone at any time. I'll finish this later, I am mostly just angry...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tats me

I am still sick, this is getting so old. Puts me in quite a cranky mood, but that's why I have't been on much. Anyways, I got a tattoo today with a friend. They are matching and yes it is in fact the batman symbol.

Soon after posting this picture I received messages and texts asking why the hell I would do such a thing?! If anybody knows me they would have noticed my other tattoos. They are all just as random and dare I say uncommon as they come. On their own people would and do say they are ridiculous. That's nice, but they are MINE not yours. They each stand for a person or point in my life. All I have to do is look at one and memories come flooding back.

I have a star on my left forearm. At first I wasn't sure what this meant to me, it was my very first one. It seems pretty plain in fact. After much thought it came to me that this was my independence. I was finally going out on my own, making my own decisions, and starting my life.

I have "LYLAS" on my right forearm. This is matching to my very best friend in the world miss KC. We have known each other for far too long and been through way too much not to have one. It stands for Love You Like A Sister, and that's how we always would sign letters in school. It seemed very fitting to use it on something so permanent.

On my right hip I have two hibiscous flowers with "mahalo" written underneath. This is matching with another 'sister' for life, Judy. We have practically grown up together and been there to cry on each other's shoulders. Even if we go years without talking we know it only takes a phone call to meet up with each other in times of need or just to catch up.

The john deere logo is on my left shoulder blade. This one I have gotten so much grief about, but STFU, not your concern. It reminds me of where I came from and to take what I learn through life as I go. Many times I have gotten thrown off track or caught up in shit I shouldn't have. This reminds me to stay true to myself and to always go back home when things get tough. It's the best place to be when the world seems to change way too fast all around you.

On the right side of my chest I have a cracked black heart. This is from the day I realized my marriage was actually over. It was truly the worst heartache I have ever felt in my life. I will never forget it, it remains forever in my mind just as the tattoo remains on my chest. I hope to learn from this and grow as a person. I may move on, but my heart will never be the same.

The newest is my batman :) for miss Jessy. It suits her just fine and definitely reminds me of her. It is hard for me to make friends that I haven't known for over a decade, but she came in out of nowhere and has won her place in no time. She is one of my closest friends I have had in a long time and already I trust her with everything. She seems to be in the same boat as me at times which helps us connect I think. Either way I know she is there for me just as I would do anything for her.

These are patches of my life permanently 'stitched' on that I proudly wear. This is me, take me as I am or leave me be.

Friday, February 3, 2012

use it or lose it

I will admit I had a good run going there for a while. Now as time goes on I seem to be wearing pretty thin. I try to keep up with what I was doing and how I was feeling, think that's lost again though. Same old thoughts...hmm. Now I remember why I don't trust people so easy, most just let you down. Today was not a good day if you couldn't tell.