Sunday, February 19, 2012

Never stop the rain by complainin'

Today was simply way too long and absurdly annoying at work. From the stinkies to the uncontrolled children, it seemed the day would just be the usual. Then up walk customer of the day #1... She wants to buy a black shirt and a black over shirt. They look almost identical to the ones she already has on, maybe she really likes them. As I am ringing them up she asks me to rip the tags off because she plans to wear them right away. As I do so she unbuttons her over shirt and I see it is soaking wet with some stains. I told her I was sorry she must have spilled something on herself and that I could get her some paper towel. She then tells me, ''no I just threw up all over myself. Quite a mess really. I was even in front of a few people when it happened. I know what it was though...''. She then goes on to describe in detail some bad food she ate and how her stomach was not the only thing unable to be kept under control. Oh god the visual images...dam this vivid mind of mine.

Customer #2 comes driving on up on a scooter, very overweight mind you. She has what I expected; cupcakes, Twinkies, chips, and enough pop to fill a tank at sea world. She can't even wait for me to get done to start tearing into a snack and downing a 20oz. She has 3 kids with her (I wonder how she managed to get laid that many times, I will never understand, moving on) and they ask for a pop. The mother grunts no. They ask to split a candy bar. *grunt no*. They ask for a pack of gum *snort* no I told you*. They are all thin and I mean toss them a hotdog for christ sake thin. Must get it from the dad...but anyway. I just wanted to smack the hell out of this woman. Feed your kids you nasty slob! 

Now #3 is a common customer we deal with. Mr I know this is an express and I am way over, too bad. Normally I would just ring it up anyway and just smile. This guy made it difficult. He was rude and arrogant, for some reason didn't think the rules applied to him. He was just yakking away on his bluetooth, until he looked up long enough to get a look at me. I would pay good money to see a picture of my face at that moment. I was tired and more than annoyed, this guy was getting the short end of the stick. He ended the call and stared at me the rest of the order (all 82 items of it). Ending the order he asked how I could be in such a good sir you alone give me good enough reason. I shrugged it off as being over get the hell outta my line. I'm tired, stressed, and needing some chocolate. 

Yes I am complaining. It is a good vent and this is my blog anyway, I'll do what I want LOL. As much as I complain about work it always gives me stories to share with friends and family. You haven't seen it all until you've worked at this store and even now & then I may get surprised :-)

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