Saturday, February 18, 2012


Good distraction can leave us free of pain, while bad distraction gets us a mouth full of whiz. I love this quote and sadly it comes from a movie called Love Guru. Stupidly funny movie that I absolutely love!!! The whole movie is a joke right after another, yet the sayings they come up with make perfect sense. Even though most of the time they quickly follow it with a sexual pun. I bring this up because I try to live by that one quote.

Good distraction: hanging with friends, finding a new hobby, or doing something we love.
Bad distraction: trying to cover the problem, abusing substance to avoid it, or worrying about even more problems.

At first I did not know the difference between good and bad distraction. I thought it was simply whatever it took to stop dwelling on the current issue. I wondered why the situation would get worse when I just wanted to drink it away or sit alone for days on end shutting out the world. I did alot worse and it was clearly all BAD distraction.

Now that I am seeing the difference between the two I feel I am making progress. Today was alot of GOOD distraction for me. Very much needed and so much of a relief. I decided to spoil myself today :-)  freezer full of icecream and a new tablet to play with. Today might have started moody but has ended on a better note.

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