Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's my register I'll cry if I want to (wrote yesterday)

Today I saw almost every type of customer in one shift. I started taking mental notes and before long I was writing actual notes as they came through. What might have been an annoyance became an unrelenting parade of agony. For the love of all that is holy people, don't gang up on me like that. Assign each other days to come in so I know when to avoid you or at least give me a break for sanity. Where do I start...

A friendly enough elderly couple came up to my lane. They had the usual hard candies, laxatives, prescriptions, and ya know what old people buy. Then I see it...KY. For some reason if it's just plain old KY I can dismiss it in my mind. These people had scented, warming, and even flavored. Oh dear lord the thoughts that went through my head (I hate being a visual person). I can't imagine how I looked while my mind was fighting to gain control again. I probably had the look of having an ice cube thrown down the back of my shirt with a little less squirming. After shock of course comes curiosity. Huh...wonder what that's like anyway...oh god why do I wonder...BAH!!!

I had one woman who was two of my least favorite customers. She had way too many items to be going through express. Count to twenty with me people, most 3 year olds can do this even. She was also eating food before paying. Now I understand if you have sugar issues or even if you just open a box of crackers. When it comes to some fruits we need to weigh it. Now a half eaten bag of grapes and a banana peel won't cost near as much as when they are whole. You're not starving, had no medical condition, and had other choices. I consider it stealing...get the hell outta my lane!!!

Now nobody likes to wait for a supervisor to come over, we know. I informed the girl I needed a csm to override and sorry for the wait. The next woman in line lets out a grunt. I look back to see her huffing and puffing. Alright, I'm ready for it, let me have it. "I guess we'll miss your band play, we're gonna be late for sure." I saw the csm, she was only two lanes down and almost done. I said she is right there and is heading over. The beast speaks again, "it's not my fault this store only has two express open in the middle of the day. This is ridiculous." Not leaving soon enough was your fault. In fact it was the shortest wait I ever had yet this woman was outraged. Manage your time better...enough said!!!

I'll continue this another time. I've got more ranting to do...

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