Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grady Presents: Real Customers of Genius

                                                   ^Play the adds that touch :)

Today we salute you Miss 'yell as loud as you can'. <Miss yell as loud as you can>

No simply bringing the problem to our attention is far too easy. From the next aisle over, from several departments away, across the other side of the store; you make sure you are heard loud and proud. <That's right a**holes>

It doesn't matter if there is someone on the way to assist, you yell even louder just in case you didn't disturb every single person within earshot. Apparently you should be running the store with real helpful tips like: this should be done sooner and we should schedule more people, <Scream so all can hear>, we don't know what we're doing, we must be stupid, you're all lazy. Not just motivational tips such as those, but screaming rants to make us want to work harder for you. <Reverse psychology>

So here's to you customer of cussing...because while things need to get done, thanks to you we get the entertainment of you making an ass out of yourself in public. <I want to see a manager>


  1. That was yesterday because she "waited 2 hours for bottle returns to be emptied" and she was screaming as they were being cleared. That and they were cleared out just about 25 minutes before.