Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tats me

I am still sick, this is getting so old. Puts me in quite a cranky mood, but that's why I have't been on much. Anyways, I got a tattoo today with a friend. They are matching and yes it is in fact the batman symbol.

Soon after posting this picture I received messages and texts asking why the hell I would do such a thing?! If anybody knows me they would have noticed my other tattoos. They are all just as random and dare I say uncommon as they come. On their own people would and do say they are ridiculous. That's nice, but they are MINE not yours. They each stand for a person or point in my life. All I have to do is look at one and memories come flooding back.

I have a star on my left forearm. At first I wasn't sure what this meant to me, it was my very first one. It seems pretty plain in fact. After much thought it came to me that this was my independence. I was finally going out on my own, making my own decisions, and starting my life.

I have "LYLAS" on my right forearm. This is matching to my very best friend in the world miss KC. We have known each other for far too long and been through way too much not to have one. It stands for Love You Like A Sister, and that's how we always would sign letters in school. It seemed very fitting to use it on something so permanent.

On my right hip I have two hibiscous flowers with "mahalo" written underneath. This is matching with another 'sister' for life, Judy. We have practically grown up together and been there to cry on each other's shoulders. Even if we go years without talking we know it only takes a phone call to meet up with each other in times of need or just to catch up.

The john deere logo is on my left shoulder blade. This one I have gotten so much grief about, but STFU, not your concern. It reminds me of where I came from and to take what I learn through life as I go. Many times I have gotten thrown off track or caught up in shit I shouldn't have. This reminds me to stay true to myself and to always go back home when things get tough. It's the best place to be when the world seems to change way too fast all around you.

On the right side of my chest I have a cracked black heart. This is from the day I realized my marriage was actually over. It was truly the worst heartache I have ever felt in my life. I will never forget it, it remains forever in my mind just as the tattoo remains on my chest. I hope to learn from this and grow as a person. I may move on, but my heart will never be the same.

The newest is my batman :) for miss Jessy. It suits her just fine and definitely reminds me of her. It is hard for me to make friends that I haven't known for over a decade, but she came in out of nowhere and has won her place in no time. She is one of my closest friends I have had in a long time and already I trust her with everything. She seems to be in the same boat as me at times which helps us connect I think. Either way I know she is there for me just as I would do anything for her.

These are patches of my life permanently 'stitched' on that I proudly wear. This is me, take me as I am or leave me be.

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