Friday, February 22, 2013

~*it's magic*~

Nothing I love more than customers who think they are outsmarting the system. Oh yes plenty try and fail miserably, yet it is amusing enough to banter. My favorite is when they bring something in and I tell them the item is past its return date. We give you people 90 days on most merchandise...this should be sufficient enough to decide whether or not you want to keep that dam $25 blender. Anyway, they usually have the sad puppy look like, "aw really?? <sniffles>" and management comes up and overrides it for them. This works and if you're polite about it I don't always mind this. Now...when you ask me, "What if I never showed you the receipt? How would you know?." Correct, I wouldn't know, but you did just show it to me. So next it's, "What if I just rip this up? No receipt, so then what? Ha!" Except I just read the date and handed it back to you, go ahead and rip it up. "So I can just come back later without the receipt and get my money when you're not here!" Well see I inform people you plan on doing this, I write it in the communication log, and then I leave a note posted right at the desk. Not to mention depending on item and may not even see cash back, could be store credit. So try as you may, you're not getting cash from me or anybody else at this desk. Yet these people are still focused on hiding the dam receipt. Like it's a magic trick I'm suppose to be shocked with...and it disappears..."ooooooo". Better luck next time chump. Keep the receipt, watch the date, and make up your mind on products sometime sooner than 3 months later.

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