Friday, February 22, 2013

I'd do anything...but I won't do that

Now I hear all the time about how the lines are so long at the store. People always bark at us to open more registers. Look people, I’m a cashier. Does it say "manager" anywhere on my badge? No? Well then guess what, I have no power what so ever. I scan your items and pack them in a bag. You hand me money. That is the extent of my capabilities. Well I am capable of doing more, lets not sell us cashiers short. This is the extent of what we are ALLOWED to do. Anyway, considering how I was red lining while I saw people waiting in lines a few registers away, I tried to flag some people in. Suddenly I hear a supervisor being called over to a woman, she wants to know why there are not more lanes open and tells her that she should just hop on to serve her. That’s not how it works lady, wait in line like everyone else. Better yet, I am doing absolutely nothing so go through MY EMPTY lane.

I wave her down and say I have no waiting. What does she do? “I am NOT walking all the way over there. I have things to do and I am not wasting anymore time in these ridiculous lines. I should not have to walk down there to a different register”. So let me get this straight, you want more registers, but they have to all be shoved in one corner so you don’t have to walk a few yards away? So everybody else on the other side of the store must walk even farther to the one side being serviced? I was in the middle. It was fair to everyone. This bitch was just lazy. Fuck you lady, lines are open, you just wanna be special. Sure enough the supervisor jumped on a register and helped her -_- Don’t bitch about lines just because you don’t want to walk down to an open one.


  1. My favorite is still "they have all these registers but no one on them."

    I want to ask, would you feel better if we only had 3 registers and they were all manned?

    I look forward to my last day so I can say all the things I've been holding back. Come on, lotto!

  2. lmao I'm retiring on the lotto as well...and the last day I'm letting it all out :)

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