Sunday, December 25, 2011

another day

Another Christmas, another day...came and went like all the rest. I did find I got the things I have asked for which I am grateful for. I stopped at several homes for large dinners and was sent home with even more cookies than I could eat in a month. All and all what you would call a successful holiday. Yet I find myself sneaking downstairs late at night to sit here alone to think. Was this a truly happy Christmas? I quickly find myself saying no it was not. The material things met only part of my needs. As for the rest I shall go wanting, most likely for the rest of my days merely because I won't take the steps to fulfill them. So to those who spent the holiday with family, friends, and received what they wanted being quite satisfied...I wish you a very Merry Christmas. As for me, I will sit here and reflect like often do, promising myself the year to come will be better than the last.

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