Wednesday, May 9, 2012

laws of the universe #1(LOU#1)

There are plenty of things I have seen over and over in my lifetime to say that it is a law of the universe. This is the first blog of this, hope to keep this going. Today's law:

If you are taken, they will come...

If you are single your life seems lonely. Nobody seems to care or want to be with you. It gets rather depressing very quickly. Then you meet someone, you start dating, and things are going good. That is when they strike. Suddenly men come pouring out of the woodworks that want you. Why? I recall being single quite a while there and not so much as a "hi lets hang out". Now you add a boyfriend to that equation and everybody and their cousin too wants in on ya.

Cruel universe...cruel...

1 comment:

  1. not saying I'm going on a sexcapade or anything, just saying why is it you happen to hear nothing then suddenly you have a flippin fan club