Wednesday, May 23, 2012

worst day of details

Today I can't even describe the hurt. Not only does work fuck me over, but people that I thought had some decency turn out like the rest. I have let so many little things go that now they have all piled on me. I am sick of being lectured, coached, and wrote up. Somethings I should have fought and bitched about like so many others do. Instead I don't want to cause an issue. So I take the consequences regardless figuring it'll be at least over with.

I need my job, I truly do, but there comes a time when you need to stand up for yourself. I might get annoying at work, I may talk a lot, I may forget to take my tongue ring out (cuz heaven forbid some customer should see it <eyes roll>), but in no way am I a bad worker. I do it very well, in good time, and at one point I had no shame to say where I work. I did my work with pride knowing I provided for my family and did nothing shameful in the process. But I see how others work, stepping on all those around to get their way.

If I am this close to being fired over others' idiotic actions, then so be it...but I sure as hell won't go without having at least my last words in. It is others who gave me false information, if was others who literally took from my til just so they won't have a complaint, it was others who had me actually believe/trust in them...only for me to see they're just a kid on a power trip.

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