Monday, May 7, 2012

stupid is as stupid does

It's a question that has been thought about since the dawn of man. Why? Seems simple enough right? Why anything? I have been trying to write a decent post for days and haven't had much 'inspiration'. However, several days at service desk has given me at least a little bit to rant about.

Why do people say they want to return their fish tank because of a faulty part yet sound completely confused when I say they need to bring it in to return it? Then ask me "I'd have to empty it then huh?" I hope to god you don't try to haul 30 gallons of water fully stocked with fish and decorations in here -_-

Why do people, who say their fish died and want a refund, offer to draw me what they look like rather than bring them in? Yes it is icky to keep dead fish, it's also bull to tell me to give you money for nothing, habeas corpus

Why do you think your TV suddenly shorted out or stopped working when it smells like your cat has died inside it? Do a head count on your cats you crazy cat people!

Why do you bring me a vacuum off the shelf to replace your broken one when you didn't even bring in the one you are trying to replace? Are you shittin me lady? Bring in the old, then we can give you the new, somebody missed their Wheaties this morning...

Why when I tell you that you purchased the item passed the 90 day return policy you rip up the receipt then ask "Now what? How do you know it's passed the 90 days?" -_- Because I just read it Einstein.

Why when I didn't hear you mumble the first time you just grunt the second time around? If I ask you to repeat it again will you squeal as you resort back to the man-bear-pig you are?

Why?! WHY YOU FLIPPIN TWAT, do you insist barking orders at me to get something done? I question you one time and you bark "MANAGER"? Fuck you cunt, go home and wash your ass for once, enough said.

Sorry a little anger on that one, need to go back to happy, um....Why are kittens fluffy? There, happy enough? Moving on...

Why when the reader doesn't catch your card and I ask to scan it on my side, you hold on to it for dear life like I am mugging you? By the way saying "no I've got it" and sliding it faster and faster won't make it work much better.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY why do you think the reader is in Spanish just because a small button in the corner says "Espanol"? The rest of the screen is already in English and clearly tells you what to do!!


  1. If you ever figure out the answers to any of these questions...please clue me in. Also if you ever figure why in the heck somebody would complain about a person who was having a hard time speaking...clue me into that one too!

  2. that's the thing, we will never know...