Sunday, March 25, 2012

el close-o

I don't know how to be any clearer. The sign "closed" is out in plain sight, my light is turned off, and I am cleaning everything down. Yet some jackass walks up and drops all his stuff down on the belt.

"Can I help you?"

"Just checking out."

<I look up at my light, look to the sign, look at the spray bottle still in my hand>
"Sir I am actually closed."

"Yeah, but I am here now and all my stuff is down."

"I was closed and cleaning before you walked up sir."

"You must just be closing. You can do one more, all the other lines are long."

Hey genius, why are all the others lines full while mine is empty? BECAUSE I AM CLOSED. It is not rocket science here people:
red & blue make purple
light off and sign out means I AM FUCKING CLOSED

My mind is swirling by this time and oh the words I wish I could have spoke out loud. Instead with a grunt I completed his order. I didn't ask how he was since he had so little respect for me. I didn't pack everything all nice and orderly since he showed no consideration as well. I pretty much wanted him to get his shit and get the hell outta my line. Arguing with him would have been pointless, he would have just kept sassing back.

We cashiers are closed and you still expect service? Hey we all have to go home from our jobs sometime. How do you like it when somebody comes by and tells you you're staying extra at work because a moron thinks they are important enough to make you wait?

I'm going to find a mechanic about to clock out for the day and tell him to fix my car. <that rattling noise has been driving me nuts, you can do one more> When I see a McDonald's employee I'm gonna tell her to get her bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me an egg mcmuffin. <lines are too long, I'd rather grab somebody done for the day and make them do it themselves>  A bank teller is getting in her car leaving for the day and I'm gonna tell her to give me $50. <might look like a mugging, I call it "I didn't know she was closed">


  1. stupid customers bleh. next time just finish cleaning and walk away.

  2. I'll give you my answer to this where it's not in the written record.

  3. lol nice sanford...and can i just walk away? O_O