Monday, March 12, 2012

Save the world bags

I know someone had the best of intentions with these things, but sir I would like you punch you in the crotch. Lets face it these are a nightmare to a cashier. They hold much more so they are heavier, okay I can deal. Customers insist you pack it in a particular way that borders OCD, fine I will do it.

The majority of my complaint is when they are not kept clean. I've been in houses being condemned for having less mold than these bags often have. Others have so much cat hair you could probably knit a sweater out of it all. This makes me think most of these people are lonely cat ladies.

You wanna recycle and make the world a cleaner place: start with brushing Mr. Fluffy and actually wash something. You're all a bunch of hippies, dirty dirty hippies. Go home to your 20 cats, your drum circle, and smoke another one...BAH!!!

NOTE: I know some people can use these bags responsibly, there are far too few of you, but thank you :)

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