Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I pity da fool

After posting a blog a few days ago (reading is for fools sucka) about me not reading before speaking, I vowed I had learned my lesson. No longer would I just go rambling on before reading the details. I would not be like a customer...but today I did even worse than that day.

I figured this out right about the time I was trying to cram a snickers box in a place that was too small for it to fit on the shelf. An oh so friendly co-worker tells me it doesn't go there. With my stupid ass grin I say oh yes it will, I'll make it fit there. He tells me, no...it doesn't go there, that's the peanut butter snickers spot.

That's a whole nother candy bar and box...<sigh> Tag was right there clearly marked. Square peg round hole. Did I mention I'm blond? It was a long day? I was so hyper I wasn't paying attention to anyone or anything? Well running out of excuses...Angie I swear I'll read first (eventually).


  1. For the record, it was more of a rectangle box in a square hole. :)

  2. must you correct me twice in one day!? thanks for the tip earlier frank