Thursday, March 29, 2012

ah hell no, whachu say!?

I don't know what it was today. The colder weather, the rising gas prices, or maybe people had a literal stick up their ass. Customers were grouchy as hell. I am use to this by now, so are all the other cashiers, but dam. My day started so fantastic too! I could have practically skipped into work. Of course that doesn't last long...

"are you open on 31?!"

I was not all the way down to red line even and this woman snaps at me. I notice I have a bad habit of this: I looked to the light, looked at my register, and looked back at the woman. This is the "come on lady the clues are all there". It wasn't even the question though, it's the fact she barks in my face. Look lady I don't know who pissed in your cheerios, but it wasn't me.

"of course, I can help you right here"

Later on this woman comes in with what I can imagine are grand kids. They're 4 of them and 1 of her...poor lady didn't stand a chance. She's pretty much begging them not to run around and climb on everything. Then here comes the oldest kid, a 16 year old girl.

"I'm going to the car"
"I'm almost done, stay here please. I need help"
"I don't want to"
"Please stay with the family"
"I'm 16, I'm grown up. I don't have to, and I don't want to!"

She then walks away as this poor woman has the look of 'just shoot me now'. I'll tell you this much, if I wasn't on that side of the counter I would have told her off. How dare you, you pathetic pig faced little arrogant snot. When I was your age I would have had my ass whooped right there and then. Better yet they would have let me walk outside and LEFT MY ASS THERE. You're an adult because you're 16 and think you know it all? 16 ain't shit bitch, me being 23 ain't shit either so I'm not saying I'm all big and bad. Come back to me when you're almost 30 and I might consider you 'grown up'. The most grown up thing you have done so far is pick out your own clothes to wear every morning. Fuck you, you little cunt. I have no tolerance to mouthy ass brats :)

My day continues on...and my sister walks up. She is behind me at the register NOT IN MY LINE thank you very much. She stops to talk to me a minute, ex husband apparently showed up trying to snatch the kid while I was at work, but that's another blog. So yes we are talking, but I still greet people and do my job. I don't stop and turn around to yak and tell customers to wait (I have seen a cashier do this, INSANE). The guy I'm serving has special requests on how stuff should be bagged and I am following it to a T. After talking to him a few moments I start saying something to my sister again.

"Go right ahead, talk all you want. This is real important."
"Excuse me sir?"
"I said go ahead and talk, this must be so important. Please finish"

I'm not sure how to react, but I chatter a minute more with him, then yes back to my sister so she can leave already. Wanted to get that wrapped up and let her get home.

"You know they are watching you. Those cameras see you and know you're talking."

This stops me dead in my order. "Um...yes sir I know they're cameras"

My sister then says she'll call later. The conversation was only a few sentences longer, it would have been quicker if I just finished it instead of stopping for snide comments. I go back to talking to him and he decides he has nothing to say.   -_-

People, people, people...<sigh> I rather don't care for you much...I'm in the wrong line of work.

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