Tuesday, March 6, 2012

some times you feel like a nut...

...sometimes you don't. For the people I am about to blog about; you are for sure a flippin nut. One person I watch has proved time and time again that not all learn from their mistakes. I'll be more specific; him "falling head over heels in love" after one day of dating this person and wondering why he gets so hurt in the end. Probably cause you're getting way ahead of yourself. You get about as excited as a porcupine meeting a pineapple before you even know the person.

He knows her because she dated his friend (my ex husband...oh joy)...and after sexting and maybe 48 hours later he decides he loves her. Instantly it's all "I love you baby" and "we'll be happy no matter what, other people can shut up". The only reason people have something to say is because we lost track of how many girls you have "loved" and are watching you do it repeatedly. Then after a week (or less) of dating you split and it's WW3. We suddenly switch from hearing how much you love her, to how much of a whore and waste she is. Next thing you know you're talking your depressed suicide talk.

It's so obvious to us around you, but you have no idea. Fucking stop declaring love because your dick gets hard. Any dime a dozen whore can do this, but you don't see people marrying them left and right (sorry whores need love to, no offense). You need to find a connection, get to know each other, "test the waters" personality wise, and see if you can even be in a room with each other without fighting like territorial cats.

Sorry I've been wanting to use this clip for something LOL. Anyway, stop thinking with your dick and grow up. You obviously just made it into puberty with all your dam emotions/hormones. Bah I say, BAH!

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