Thursday, March 15, 2012

reading is for fools sucka!!!

I can't remember how many times customer would fly off the handle when they thought they had been ripped off. At times literally screaming and ranting about the complete "injustice" of it all. Shame, how could we!? Except we didn't rip you just didn't take the time to read.

This mostly happens when they assume we charged them several times over when you can clearly see the item rung up then the very next time it's on there it's followed by a minus sign. This means one came ON and then one came OFF. Sorry if this math a little too complicated for ya, I'll give an example:

movie $5.00
movie $5.00    <oops, here's our mistake, 2 movies on there instead of 1>
movie $5.00-   <oh look now it's "minus" that extra movie we put on>

Moving on since this is not actually the point of today's blog. I mean honestly I could go on and on complaining about customers failure to read the obvious. This however is about me...and my lack of reading the obvious. I was not even aware of this until a fellow worker mentioned how I was acting like a embarrassing :(

I was working service desk and noticed a rogue receipt. Where did it come from? Who did it belong to? Did we need to keep it? Was it pending? I started out with all these questions and even beyond that when the co-worker said, "did you read it?" I did not. Just for me to see it was an error correct/voided item, total zero, no items...bah it's just trash. That's when I was informed I behaved like a customer LOL.

Reading is for fools sucka, they don't pay me enough to read!

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  1. Sadly since we're around customers all the's inevitable that we'll have a customer moment. The good thing is that a co-worker can look at us and say "Dammit you're acting like a customer" and we'll snap out of it. The customers on the other hand..they're kind of stuck that way :P