Sunday, April 8, 2012

all up in my business

This Easter week has been hell at the store. It has been so dam busy, non stop lines, and people are easily getting grouchy. Two days ago it was still this typical rush. I didn't mind so much, it makes the day go fast. Half way through my shift I get to these 2 black women. They are nice enough, asking how my day was and if I had plans for Easter. Of course there is a line behind them as I finish their order and they are just grabbing the last few bags. An elderly man (in the 80's I'd say) takes a few steps forward and leans over the card reader.

"Oh you can wait just like anybody else. Stand there givin me that look. You ain't got no where to be in that much of a hurry. Don't you be rushin me."

In his shaky old voice, "ma'am? pardon?"

"You heard me, givin me that look. You can just sit right back there where you were and wait. It's because of people like you holidays get ruined. Can't wait your own dam turn."

Still shaky as ever voice, "Excuse me ma'am I don't know what you're talking about? I'm just moving because I'm in pain"

The stupid woman keeps going on in a rant now about how he was rushing her out of the way and giving her "that look". Okay at this point lady I really AM giving you that look. He wasn't "up in your goodies". You are about to start a fight because you thought some old guy was crowding you?! This wasn't just a "you sure are rude mister". This was full on, "let me take my rings off, I'm gon beat grandpa's ass".

This old man sincerely had no idea what she was talking about. I told the women they were all set and to have a nice day, she walked away still bitching. I came straight back to the old man telling him  he was just fine and asked if he needed anything.

He said he was fine, but still didn't understand what went on. Said he simply had a bad leg, hence the cane, and had to take some steps to relieve the pain a bit. His wife asked me after the order if he had done something wrong she didn't notice. Told her he didn't do anything wrong. I apologized and truly wished them a better Easter.

People these days...

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