Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mind your own

Today has been an odd day in the store. It's busy, lines, people are in a hurry. So it's safe to say people are kinda moody and grouchy. And of course today seems to be crawling with creepers.

These creepers try anything from lame pick up lines to bribing you with alcohol at some party.
1. It's not working so stop
2. I'm legal age to drink, I don't need your creepy ass hookin me up with drinks
3. Please don't touch me under any circumstance

But seriously the bitchiness was at an all time high. My sister's kids were playing and yes getting a little loud. This is nothing new and compared to most they were mild. Yet this woman literally screamed at them to knock it the fuck off. Look lady, I deal with annoying kids all day, but under no right can you scream at other peoples' kids in the middle of the store.

I know we get the urge, but that's what blogging is for. Vent about it, push past it as just another day. I could not believe this woman. If I had been closer I would have yelled right back.

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