Monday, April 9, 2012

some things you don't know about me

or some that you do...I don't remember what I all tell people.

1. I HATE live versions of songs, they tweak em in a studio for a reason, they sound better. That and live versions always have fans screaming -_-

2. I am deathly afraid of spiders, like I almost ran into traffic before to avoid one.

3. My tastes in music range from Frank Sinatra and big swing bands all the way to Lamb of God and Korn, everything in between. There isn't much music I find that I won't listen to.

4. I can have a very dry and sometimes cruel sense of humor. I don't usually show the cruel side, but I don't even share an example for the fact I know I will offend.

5. I am allergic to cherries. It starts with a little puffiness...then full on scratchy swollen throat...ER anyone?

6. I often have bad anxiety which leads in severe cases to panic attacks. I don't remember how many times I have had one of these attacks to the point I will just pass out flat on the ground.

7. I am very indecisive, I will change my mind every few seconds-minutes on something.

8. I am a nice person (alright stop the laughing). I mean it, I'd do anything in the world for people. I can be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Until you hurt me or are rude...then well...maybe I'm not so nice

9. I tend to start a hundred projects and never finish them. It takes a lot of my focus to just get it done. Think the only thing I have come close to completing all the way is school. Which brings me to...

10. I will graduate this year with an associates in business management and am going back right away to work on my bachelors. I hate school, why did I think this would be fun.

11. I took 3 years of German in school. I can read a decent amount and speak as much as I need to function. I am not fluent. But I still find it amusing to have a conversation not many can understand, everybody seems to take Spanish :P

12. I am strongly republican and I don't know why O_o

13. I love hunting, opening day of deer season might as well be a holiday for me.

14. I am a gamer, never have I gone without some kind of console. It started with original nintendo and almost every one since.

15. I have a daughter, Kaitlyn, she's almost 4 now.

16. Comedy is my absolute favorite thing. Movies, comedians, and anything else that makes me laugh.

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