Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pass the purex...

This morning I saw a news story how kids are now drinking hand sanitizer as a substitute for alcohol. They are showing up in hospitals all over the country. They say downing one of these bad boys has the equivalent of a shot of 140 proof.

I have several questions on this matter and I have a feeling I won't get a smart answer for any of them. Where are the parents that don't notice little Jimmy just went through 4 bottles of purex in a day, I doubt he's a clean freak?

The stuff smells horrid let alone tastes good. Who the hell thought this was yummy and a good idea. I guess they have recipes for it to make it tolerable. What do they mix in it their juice boxes or something? OMG the stupidity!!!

Do what we all grew up doing. Ask an older family member, make older friends, pay some old guy/woman, or just fucking grow up. Getting "drunk" is only cool when you're 16. When you actually become of age it's just sad and pathetic. Wait a couple years and you won't be so hard up for a buzz.

And why are you desperate for a high? What did someone steal your animal cookies? Did you miss your naptime? These kids leave me with no hope for the future and an utter disappointment in mankind.

(Sigh) Next thing ya know it'll be kept behind a counter cuz some idiots again decided to smoke/eat/drink somethin not intended for consumption. I might rant some more on this...

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