Wednesday, January 25, 2012

can't make this up

I was sharing stories about work with the family yesterday. They laughed right along with me as I retold these ridiculous accounts of customers at the store. They said there's no way that actually happened. Now if I heard something similar before my current job I would never expect the human race to sink so low. Let's say after almost 2 years at this place I have no hope left in humanity, but I am quite amused everyday. Some of these stories are about how insane people are, how "less than brilliant" they are, and how disgusting they can truly be. Lets start with the first, our smart cookies of the world.

I was on express and it was a good day. I was polite and saw the next customer come up. She was maybe early 40's and seemed nice enough. I scanned all her items through and then told her the total. This is where I wait for payment of some kind. I sat there for a while before I noticed her just staring at the keypad on the other side. I asked if she needed help with anything or if it didn't show anything on the screen. She replied nothing was there. So I instructed her to run her payment though again, it might not have caught it the first time. I look at the screen waiting for debit or credit to pop up: nothing. I asked if it was still giving her issues. She said "yeah this stupid thing is in Mexican". I told her if it was in SPANISH that she could hit the English button on the bottom right to make it go back. I hear some more beeping and she tells me "it's still in Mexican". So I walk over and look. The only thing in 'mexican' was the button saying "Espanol" for Spanish.

The rest was in English saying "please slide card quickly". By now I am thinking we are past that issue and she can use her card no problem. I notice she is now staring down the keypad. I asked again if there was a problem and that it should be asking for a pin number if she wanted debit. She said she didn't want debit so I do what I always do, "hit the red cancel key and when it asks what type hit credit". She is pressing buttons and the beeping I hear is telling me she didn't have a card run through properly. I don't have all day lady so I ask for the card to run it through on my side, maybe there was a problem over there. She looks at me, "What card did you want?". "I just need the card you are trying to pay with, I can scan it over here." "What card?". "Any card you want to pay with ma'am." "I don't want to pay with a card."

Okay lady then why the hell are you expecting the keypad to be doing anything over there. So I ask how she would like to pay. "I want to write a check." Well now I feel like an ass. This woman probably had the check sitting up here waiting for me to run it and I never did. I look around frantic for it and have no luck. I ask if maybe I dropped it or if it was on the floor over there. "No, it's in my purse." <FACEPALM> "Ma'am I need the check first before I can run it through." "Why didn't you say so?" Because I thought my psychic abilities were that good. I could read it through your purse and magically make it go through. Guess I was out of practice.

She fumbles around a bit in a huff because she has to dig it out. I run it, ask if she wants cash back, and it's off. Done...finally...yet she acts annoyed this took so long. Lady, how you managed to survive this long I will never know.

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