Wednesday, January 11, 2012

don't drop the really need it

I know as a cashier we always have fun little things to complain about. The break room is usually filled with laughter or venting over idiots who come through.

The people that load their carts to the rim and tell you (once it is all on the belt) that they only have $50 left on their card, they think they might be cutting it close <eyes roll>. The people that insist on getting that extra 2 cents off their order when it didn't ring up right, even if they have to yell it out of you. Here's a whole dollar out of my pocket to get the hell outta my line. But nothing compares to the nasty ass people who forgot how to scrub their own asses.

I can deal with bitchy people, I can handle tech issues, and I can even deal with people sneezing on money as they hand it to me (diseases, how thoughtful of you to share). I can NOT handle people who smell. I don't mean the ones that fart and try to stand there all coy. Yes we can smell it and we know you did it. I mean the ones that make me hold my breath until they are gone and then gasp for air.

Do you honestly not smell yourself? Has nobody ever had the urge to say "dam you stink"? I can't mention it since I am paid to be polite and put up with your bullshit. Where are these peoples' friends or family? Do they just ignore it, or maybe they are just as putrid?

I imagine, as I am slowly suffocating, pushing them down and hosing them off. I often hope someone comes by with air freshener, better yet at times if they do have something pretty smelling I will spray it myself. I say "oops I bumped the button", but I obviously did it as a favor to us who are still living. I dam near spray myself in the face with Lysol almost once a week just to get away from their stench. Once I had to excuse myself to go throw up then come back to finish the order. gets that bad for those of you who don't have to deal with this.

The store should have a showering facility for those customers. We'll cattle prod them in there if we have to.

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