Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dr Who??

I always say my life is so screwed up and I have ever so much to complain about. I am not the happiest of people, let's call me a realist. Moving on, people always seem to ask me for advice. Rather odd asking someone who's still digging how to get out of a hole.

I try where I can and people actually tell me I must really know what I am talking about. This is either from experience or a good observation. Some people and situations are predictable and therefore the answer is easy to deduce. This makes me think why don't I take my own advice? Where does the shrink get their therapy? Well when I think about it I actually found one.

A place to get my own answers and bounce ideas with. Funny I didn't think of them sooner. Thank you so much! I know I am whiny and a downer most of the time, but you listen. Then you follow it up with an epic joke or cheap laugh. It might seem like mindless rambling to you during late night chats, but you really save me in your own way. You truly give me something to smile about at the end of the day. I can never express how much I appreciate it.

Maybe you'll get the hint that this is about you, or maybe not lol. Either way thanks again. Night :)

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