Saturday, January 7, 2012

just finish me off...BAH

Go to the doc, they say i have an infection. simple enough; take this, come back in a week, all good. Except i go back and its not all gone, so take some more and go home. Take one more dose and off to the ER i go. I suddenly developed a reaction to it. hives all over, red itchy patches, scratchy throat, burning hands, and it kept getting worse. got that all under control just to end up giving me more medicine plus 2 other perscriptions. at this point i'm about to tell them to drag me out back and finish me off old yeller style. I hate medicine, i hate hospitals, and ive been doing this the past 2-3 weeks. why am i telling you this? Because I am simply stating I have no faith in the medical field. One med says no dairy, the other says drink a glass of milk with it. One says take with food and the other says do not eat when you take the dose, it'll make you sick...pills suck. Im going back to just riding it out and just taking the one i really need. ill deal with hives...

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